Next To Nowhere is a vegan space - this means that our cafe and kitchen are not used for any food or drink that is derived from animals: no meat, dairy, eggs or honey. We ask that people using our space respect this. 

Not everyone involved in Next To Nowhere is vegan, but many are, and we decided to be a vegan space and provide affordable vegan food because: the meat and dairy industries harm animals and damage the environment, there are few wholly vegan places to eat, vegan food is often a very healthy choice, and it can be eaten by almost everybody, so it is the most accessible choice. 

We run a vegan cafe on Saturday afternoons, from 12 till 5pm. The menu depends on the people who've volunteered to cook that day, and will usually consist of at least one main meal and one dessert. Suggested donations for food are usually around £3 for the main, and £2 for dessert, and 50p for teas, coffees and soft drinks.